Welcome to my website!   A site dedicated to tabletop wargaming along with the models and miniatures that go with it.

Every model that you see on this website is painted by just one person, me. I do not have a staff of painters. Everything that you see in the Gallery, Items for Sale and weekly auctions were painted by me.

So, feel free to look around my website. I will be adding to and updating the site on a regular basis.  Please check back frequently.


Disclaimer: Any company, manufacturer, gaming name, title, miniature, paint color, etc. that are registered trademarks of that manufacturer or company are used without permission and no challenge whatsoever is intended to the status of the intellectual property rights of the company or manufacturer, including but not limited to trademarks and copyrights of said company or manufacturer. This site has no legal or business connection to or relationship with any company or manufacturer noted on website and images of miniatures in photographs are of examples painting services and is only used for that purpose only and in no way reflect a connection between DMan’s Minis and respective companies or manufacturers. This site is to show examples of my painting and do not reflect anything on any company or manufacturer that I paint models of. Besides, these are just fun and games.